Team Events

Team event is a special type of competition. Although IJF rules are clear there are national differences. For example it is not necessary to have a competitor for a certain weight class. If both teams miss a competitor in the same weight class the match result is a draw, hiki-wake.

Instructions for team events:

Make up a name for your event. We use here “TeamCompetition”.

Create a new tournament. While Tournament dialog is open click Categories/Properties.

Make a new category whose Age text is “TeamCompetition”. Fill in the weight categories you want to use. Highest age is 1.


Create a new Team event: Click Categories → New Team Category. Fill in the name “TeamCompetition”.


Create teams as they were ordinary competitors. Only last name is necessary. Here we use Meidokan, Judo-Kan, Chikara, and Bodonos. Move them under category TeamCompetition.






Make drawing. You should see a normal sheet.

Move category on some tatami if not yet done so. BUG: not all matches are visible on Tatami tab! Restart JudoShiai or draw another category to fix the display.

Matches are shown like this:



Match number consists of two parts

Basically this is enough to run a tournament. JudoTimer shows reasonable information about the competing clubs and the ongoing weight class. However, JudoInfo does'n look good. You can define who is really Chikara's competitor in weight class -66 kg. To do so you need a team. It is easy to initialize by double clicking the team event category and selecting Create default members:










It will create teams:


Open one:


You can leave it as is or edit the names. Club, Category, and Reg. Category must be left untouched! Try JudoTimer and JudoInfo to figure out what kind of texts look the best. Also start new matches and check the JudoTimer display.

JudoTimer has a new option Hikiwake. This is for occasions when two teams do not have a competitor in the same weight class.

You can see all the matches of a category by clicking Matches under the sheet (scroll down) after creating results with statistics.





Matches are displayed:


A team may have different players in some matches. If you want to have the competitors' real names visible it is possible to set the names match by match. Open the Tatami tab. Find the match and right click the competitor's name. A search dialogue will appear. Write a few letters from the competitor's last name:


Select name and the team name will be replaced by the real competitor.