You get the most out of the JudoShiai software package if the programs can communicate with each other. JudoShiai program sends information to JudoTimer and JudoInfo and receives results from the JudoTimer.

IP Network

The programs use an IP network for the communication. For a simple network you need an Ethernet switch that contains an embedded DHCP server.

For the communication you have to know the IP address of the JudoShiai program. Although you can use the methods provided by the operating systems to find the IP addresses, it is also possible to choose the menu option Preferences → Communication → Own IP Addresses. Example of a list of IP addresses:



You may have several addresses in use, but the most probable is in bold.


There are many ways to arrange communication between network elements. The best ways (broadcast or multicast messages, UDP) are many times blocked by the firewalls especially in the company laptops. That is why the communication uses a communication node (JudoShiai program) who is connected by the other programs. Used protocol is TCP and the port number to connect to is 2310 except master JudoTimer listens to port 2312. TCP is used by the web browsers, too, and hence the firewalls easier accept this kind of traffic.

Communication Node

The JudoShiai program acts as a communication node. The communication node computer must accept connections to port number 2310. In the future port number 843 will be used with Flash applications.

The JudoTimer and JudoInfo programs search for the communication node starting from the lowest IP address. Linux versions are quite fast, but for Windows software it may take several minutes to find the correct address. It is best to set the address manually. Find the IP address of the JudoShiai program by clicking Preferences → Communication → Own IP Addresses. From JudoTimer and JudoInfo menus choose the menu option Preferences → Communication Node. A new window pops up:



Address of the JudoShiai program ( = no address) and the connection status is shown. Type in the earlier detected IP address ( and click OK. After a while you may check the status of the connection: