JudoWeight enables remote weigh-in. You may connect a scale to the laptop using a serial interface.  A barcode scanner is useful to speed up the weigh-in.

First you want to have accreditation cards or weigh-in cards with a barcode. The default card is below:


You can make your own customized cards. Please see appendix X for further information.

You may write the weight manually after the “Weight:” text, but with the JudoWeight it is not necessary. All the weights go to a log file, just in case.

Open the JudoWeight and create connection to the database:


ID is the competitor's internal ID in the database (125 in the example) or a manually given ID. When you scan the barcode or type the ID number manually JudoWeight will show competitor's current data:


If a scale is connected the weight will appear on the button right to the Weight field. Click button to copy the value to the Weight field, otherwise type the weight manually. Click OK to send the weight to the database. Database will confirm the action by showing the updated data at the last row:


Input is focused to the ID field for the next competitor. Control can have three values:

These values can be used for any purpose. OK makes competitor's surname appear green while NOK makes the name red. Colors can be used to pay attention for any reason.

Before using the scale interface you have to set the preferences correctly. Select Preferences → Scale Serial Interface... and the following window appears:







Check your scale manual for the correct baudrate and scale type. Also check the In Use box (it is better to leave the box unchecked if you do not have the proper hardware in your computer). Your scale type may not be supported, but please try the existing types anyway. It is possible to have your scale supported in the next software release if you can provide the protocol specifications.