SVG Templates for the JudoInfo

It is possible to create your own layouts for the JudoInfo. Idea is similar to what is explained in “SVG Templates for the Sheets”.

Match number means order of the match on tatami: 0 = last finished match, 1 = ongoing match, 2 = next match, etc. Bracket sheets have their own match numbers that can be displayed using tag %m<number>-<number>#.





Category name by the tatami and match number. Example: Category of match #4 on tatami 2:



Number of the match in the bracket by tatami, and match. Example: match number in the bracket of the ongoing match on tatami 2:


%m<number>-<number>-<number>-<name attributes>

Competitor's name by tatami, match, and 1 = white, 2 = blue. Name attributes are the same as in bracket sheets. Example: Name of blue competitor in match 3 on tatami 2:

%m2-3-2-first-s-last' Country: 'country

Winner of the last match on tatami 2 would be (competitor is always 1):