New Tournament

Click TournamentNew from the menu:




Name is the name of the database file without the .shi extension. Click Open and a new window opens. All the values below are saved in the database.



General settings has information about the tournament as well as options that affect rules. Tournament is the official name for the tournament as seen on the result prints. You can give Date in any format. (eg. 2009-02-07 or Feb 7th 2009). Start time is useful for match schedule prints. You can change the Number of tatamis later (as any other setting). There are some rules and country specific options:

Pool settings are specific to round robin systems:

Default systems describe what kind of competition systems to use by the default. There are three criteria:

Grade names enable different belt systems. Some countries use mon grades, some not. Some countries may have different belt color schemes based on their head organization. You can fill your   grade names in the table. The names can be colors, too.

Categories has a Properties button that opens the same dialog window that can be found in menu selection Categories → Properties.

Initialize group has a selection for the country and an Apply button. The button resets the values to their country specific defaults. NOTE: Category properties are not initialized! Instead use the Reset to Defaults button that is available in the Category Properties dialog window.

Finally click OK. Example:



JudoShiai can make a backup of the database every time one match has finished. Click Tournament → Backup. Select a folder where you want to have the copies (a memory stick is a good choice). JudoShiai starts to make copies whose name are of the format shiai+date+time:


About ten last copies are preserved. Selecting a folder creates immediately one copy. Uncheck the Do Backup box to stop the backup operations.



Database Validation

There are several sources for errors:

Menu selection Tournament → Validate Database tries to find errors and shows warnings about suspicious data.