New Competitors

Add One Competitor

Click Competitors → New or press ctrl-N. A new window appears:


You can go from one field to another with the tabulator. You can change the Grade with the down-arrow key. Reg. Category is the registered category, not the final one. You can write the competitor's first and last name using lower case letters since the program will convert them correctly. You can edit the names later and the program will not change your typing any more. Hansoku-make is used both for penalty and injury. Control has selections ?/OK/NOK. You can use it what ever purpose; the value doesn't affect to the use of the JudoShiai.

There will be a list of competitors under a question mark. It means that the real category has not been decided yet.


Add a Competitor from Another Database

You can add competitors from another database either with or without the weights (Competitors → Add All with Weights or Competitors → Add All From Another Shiai). If you are arranging a competition for your club's juniors you may find it useful to check the box Clean up duplicates and update reg. categories: competitor that already exists is not imported and the registered category is updated according to the year of birth. You can remove the unnecessary competitors one by one or by selecting Competitors → Remove Unweighted.

You can add new competitors from another database also individually. Click Competitors → Select From Another Shiai. Choose a database and a new window will open with a list of categories and competitors. Double click a competitor and all his/her data will be added to the current database.

You can also import the whole category with its competitors.

JudoShiai can import competitors from a text file, too. A text file may look as follows:

Jack,Taylor,Stonehaven Judo Club,GBR,m,1991,1d,74

Thomas,Brown,Cambridge Judo,GBR,m,1994,2k,61

Oliver,Wilson,Barnet Judo,GBR,m,1995,2k,58

Click Competitors → Add From a Text File. You will be asked to select a file (note also the UTF-8 check box!) and a new window opens:



Topmost there is the first line of the text file. Use that to find out the column separator. In our example it is obviously comma. Write a comma in the Column Separator field. The separator can be composed of several characters, too. Then you have to select the correct column numbers for each data field. On the right side of the window you will see the value of the column:


Girl Text indicates what should read in the Sex column if the competitor is a girl or a woman.

You do not have to give all the information. Category will be concluded from the Sex, Weight, and Year of Birth. If the Category is given it is accepted as such. Weight doesn't have to be just a number but the extra letters (“kg”) are filtered out. The Grade should contain a number and a letter k or K for kyu grades, otherwise it is considered as a dan grade. Other letters are ignored.

You may have a tab as a column separator. You can copy-paste it from another document or type '\t' (backlash and letter t).

Last name will be converted to upper case automatically. You can edit it later if this is not sufficient.

Change the UTF-8 setting if the country specific letters look wrong.