After the drawing you can look and print the category sheets. Sheets are updated in real time when the contest progresses. To look at a sheet
- right click the category on the Competitors sheet and select Show Sheet; or
- click the Sheets tab and click one of the category names in the middle.

Sheets page updates the view automatically when a match ends if the menu selection Preferences → Automatic Sheet Update is checked.

Click Results → Print All (Web and PDF) to create a results web page. Category sheets are printed in PDF format, too.

Before creating the results you have a possibility to add categories from other databases by selecting Competitors → Select From Another Shiai. Double click the desired categories and they are added to the current database.

Online Results

Real time results is a nice service. You need an extra computer for the audience, network, and an HTTP server software. The following Windows example utilizes a free Abyss Web Server.

  1. Install the server. The default place for the HTTP documents is ”C:\Abyss Web Server\htdocs”.

  2. In JudoShiai program click Results → Print All and select the folder above.

  3. Also check the box Automatic Web Page Update.

That's it. Now find out the IP address of the JudoShiai laptop (Preferences → Communication → Own IP Addresses) and make a connection from the audience's computer.

Hint: Put Internet Explorer to a kiosk mode by starting it from the command line with the option -k. Example:

C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore -k

Replace the example address with the real address.

Club Name Abbreviations and Hometowns

Result sheets may become messy and the texts may overlap with each other if the full club names are used. On the other hand club's hometown would be nice information at least in the result listings. JudoShiai's installation folder contains a directory etc with a file clubs.txt (e.g. C:\Program Files\JudoShiai\etc\clubs.txt). The file is composed of lines of club names. It is used to enable the automatic club name completion. In addition the line can have also an abbreviation of the club name separated by a '=' and a hometown separated by a '>'. Examples:

Club Names and Countries

Competitor information can have both a club name and a country. However, it is not always desirable to show both. Country may be used only for drawing to indicate a special region (North, West), but it is not intended to be shown. Usually medal statistics is wanted only by country. There  is a menu selection Preferences → Club Text Selection → Club Name Only/Country Name Only/Both Club and Country which you can use to set your preferable outlook. The selection affects to many things, like weigh-in notes, sheets, and information sent to the JudoTimers and JudoInfos. You might have to change the setting depending on what you are doing next.