Controlling the Matches

You have seen a couple of ways to control the competition, but two other sheets enables an easier way. Categories sheet is illustrated below:


Categories are displayed by tatami. Color codes have the following meaning:

Number of matches left is shown in brackets for each tatami. Length of the rectangle representing the category is proportional to the number of matches left in that category, i.e. the rectangle shrinks as the contest progresses. The blue line separates the groups from each other. The time on the blue background is an estimate of the end time of the group's last match. An anchor symbol marks the category who's match is starting or ongoing. You cannot move that category.

You can move the category by left clicking it and dragging it to another place. You may change both tatami and group. One way to delay a category is to drag it to the left (column  Unlocated) or to an unused extra tatami. You may want to delay a category if there is something to correct or if you want to delay all the medal matches.

Although the anchor prevents the moving of the category on this sheet it is possible to do on the Competitors sheet, but be careful.

You can see the next matches on the Matches sheet:


On the left is a list of delayed fights. You may want to run the medal matches later. At the top of the Tatami column is the winner of the previous fight. The name shows up after a match on yellow background. You can click the cell to turn the color green. The announcer can utilize the colors as a “sticky note” reminder.

Below the winner name is information about the next matches. The first two matches are automatically frozen, but from the third fight on their position may change if Automatic Match Delay has been selected. Reason for possible rearrangement is shown using two colors:

The colors are updated only after a match is finished and their purpose is just to give a hint why some match may be delayed.

By right clicking the match you can force it the first (Next match) or second (Preparing) on the list, or delay it (Delay the match). Remove delay clears the previous settings.

You can drag'n'drop one match to a selected place (another tatami or position in the match queue). It is possible to freeze the first ten matches at once, too. All the freezed matches are done before the other matches on that tatami. Freezed matches have a yellow background. Right click the match to pop up the following menu selections:


Automatic Match Delay

In official tournaments fights have their defined order without any deviations. This may lead to rest times, waiting, and empty contest areas. However, in national lower level tournaments the protocols are more flexible and if the number of contestants is high it may be better to arrange the matches so that the waiting times are minimized. Also there may be conflicting fights at the same time if a competitor is allowed to participate in two categories.

JudoShiai keeps track of the old and coming matches. This information is utilized if the menu selection Preferences → Automatic Match Delay is turned on. Competitor's matches are delayed if necessary to avoid waitings caused by the rest times.

The disadvantage is that also JudoInfo shows the changes in the match order which can get the audience confused.