Version 2.7 released

New features:

Year 2018 rules are supported. Support for right-to-left languages like Hebrew. Max number of tatamis has been increased to 20 (requires powerful hardware). JudoWeight has option for scale correction table.


Version 2.5a released

This is the same version as 2.5 except the DLLs needed by Windows are different. Ver 2.5 has newer DLLs with new features, but unfortunately they cause problems with SVG rendering. Ver 2.5a has older DLLs (same as 2.4) that work correctly.

It seems that the newest DLLs do not support XP any more. Thus, for the time being, JudoShiai is stuck with the old versions. Perhaps at some point Linux version will take its own development path and have a better set of features.


Version 2.5 released

Stable version 2.5 has been released. New features:


Version 2.4.1 released

Stable version 2.4.1 has been released. Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi are supported. New features include web browser based timer and info, match time editing, and optionally resolve 3 way tie by match times. Printing does not block other operations any more and JudoTimer color issues have been fixed.


Version 2.4 released

Stable version 2.4 has been released. Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi are supported.


Build Instructions Added to Documentation

Build instructions are for computer (Linux) literate developers only.


Version 2.3 Released

Stable version 2.3 has been released. Only bug fixes will be added to it. New features will be in version 2.4 prealpha.


Simple Service Discovery Protocol

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a set of networking protocols that permits networked devices, such as personal computers, printers, Internet gateways, Wi-Fi access points and mobile devices to seamlessly discover each other's presence on the network.

JudoShiai implements the discovery part of the UPnP. The UPnP discovery protocol is known as the Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP). When a device is added to the network, SSDP allows that device to advertise its services to control points on the network.

All the JudoShiai programs advertise themselves, but only JudoShiai's and master JudoTimer's information is really needed. To utilize the SSDP set Communication node to If it is something else that address is used. Master and slave JudoTimer must have the same tatami number set in the preferences.


Version 2.3 beta 8 needs translations

Some of the language translations are missing.

PO files are here:

Result text files are here:

Instructions are here.


Version 2.3 is in alpha stage

New features and corrections are: