How do I make a backup of the tournament data?

All the information is in one ordinary file with an extension shi. Copy it as any other file. JudoShiai has also a menu selection for automatic backup.

Why does the shiai clock keep running when a player scores ippon?

The referee in the middle may announce ippon but the referees in the corners may overrule the judgment. The match ends when the referee announces soremade. It is possible to change the behavior in the Preferences menu.

Player's names on the JudoTimer display are too small. Cannot they be larger?

Display is a compromise between different needs. Clocks and scoreboard must be well visible so their font cannot be smaller. There is not too much space available if you want to have first name, family name, club and/or country visible, too. It is encouraged to use the JudoInfo to at least partly solve the problem.

Is it feasible to use wireless networks?

It depends. Please read the blog https://sourceforge.net/apps/wordpress/judoshiai/2010/02/05/wireless-networks/

Is it possible to browse or change the database without JudoShiai program?

Yes, it is. The dabase is based on SQLite (http://www.sqlite.org). There are lots of instructions and software available. For example Sqliteman is a free program.


Communication between JudoShiai and JudoTimer doesn't work.

Most probably JudoShiai doesn't accept connections to the port 2310. Log in as an administrator. Disable the firewall. Check that the computer has an IP address.


Communication between JudoShiai and JudoTimer doesn't work.

Linux uses iptables concept to control the traffic. Your rule base most probably prevent communication. You can get rid of the rules by giving the following command:

sudo iptables -F
sudo /etc/init.d/iptables stop