Video Server Setup

There are many ways to setup a video server. The most important thing is that it must be able to provide M-JPEG stream on HTTP.

IP Cameras

IP cameras are equipped with an Ethernet or WiFi connection. Mostly they have their own Web servers. Remote pan/tilt control is a useful feature. You can control the cameras by using proprietary software or a web browser. Some models use DirectX for communication so only Internet Explorer works.

In a browser you will most probable see a window with control buttons and a video frame.


This is not what JudoTimer wants. You have to find the URL for the real video stream. For example an unnamed Chinese clone sends video stream from the URL
http://<ip address>/video.cgi. It requires some expertise to find out the correct URL. You can find some hints for example here:
It is not known if the listed cameras work with JudoTimer.


VLC is a free video/audio player and server. You can run it in the same computer as JudoTimer or in another one. Later option is better if VLC seem to load the CPU too much. Let's assume you have an ordinary USB web cam connected to your computer:

You can check the stream by opening it in another VLC instance:


Free version is available but it has restrictions. Seem to be more light-weighted than VLC. Image quality is a little bit better for the same stream speed than VLC can provide.


This a command line M-JPEG server for Linux.