Matches are on sheets Tatami 1, Tatami 2 etc.


On the left, there is a group number and the weight categories belonging to it. Below a category header there are all the matches of that category. Next fights are displayed above the listings. The same information is sent also to the JudoTimers.

Green color in the Comment field indicates that the match has been done or it is not necessary to fight it in the first place (hansku-make). Yellow color tells that the position of the match has been frozen (tatami and/or match order is non-default). Usually matches are unfrozen (floating) so that it is possible to reorder the fights to prevent delays caused by mandatory rest times.

You can correct or otherwise set the result manually by right clicking the blue or white points. Select 0 to cancel a match. In the picture below the white contestant is going to score a waza-ari.



Situation is updated in real time. Sheets page is composed of three parts:


Click category name to show the relevant bracket. Sheet of the last finished fight is displayed automatically if the menu selection Preferences → Automatic Sheet Update is checked. You can set the match result by clicking the numbers next to the matches. The yellow cross on black background is used to cancel the previous result.

JudoShiai program selects the next match automatically, but you can affect to the match order by right clicking the Comment field on the Tatami sheets. You have the following selections:

One way to delay a whole category is to move it temporarily to tatami 0.